The Frozen Debate

Frozen food, frozen meals hmmmm

So the last time I ate frozen meals en masse was when I first moved into my new place with my now husband.  We thought we were busy so we found (at that time) that it would be easier to just buy frozen foods and then heat up at work.  We did that for a little then I think we fell out of that habit quickly .

Since then the only frozen things I buy are some frozen vegetables-corn, spinach and string beans.  That is only done now to appease my daughter as she will eat most things with corn and I used frozen string beans in a stew for an event. Spinach gets used randomly and little amounts, so am always storing some.

The question or the place of contention and tension is buying  most of the veggies frozen, regularly.  So I was at Costco and I needed vegetables.  I did not plan to buy vegetables there as I knew I could always get it cheaper at the local market.  I still took a look, namely at the broccoli as I like that and my daughter eats it.  So lets say the Costco brand was a good price,  should I abandon the broccoli and other veggies at the market and always buy frozen.  Of course not all vegetables are available and not all can be frozen. However, I could buy some bulk vegetable items that will not go bad quickly.

At the supermarket if you see a deal you stock up.  It’s a little different at the market (fruits and vegetables) as you can only buy what you will use right away.  So I am thinking,  if I see a deal on veggies I would like to be able to buy some extras for a few weeks down the line.  Hence the  Costco equation.

I would like to meet someone who has lived on frozen veggies.

The other question is frozen meals, which I started out discussing. I will continue in a new blog called frozen two (not from store kitchen.)

Till then get your Di’ Giorno on!!!


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