did we eat too much

Korean food

So at a Korean restaurant recently we had two entrees. I got the stir fried chicken with rice and my husband got one of the bowls (vegetable and meat) and it came with a tofu soup.  We tried our best to finish all, not sure why, but none the less we did not take anything home. In the beginning they served 2 mini fried fish, kimchi, cucumbers, and a few other dishes (all very small).  So we cleaned that up and then proceeded to eat our meals.  When I looked over at some tables I saw that they just had a small soup and the “appetizers.”  A women and daughter ordered skewers and did not even finish, nor did they take it home.   The woman was uber slim.  Could that be why or are they (Koreans) just not the take your food home kind or eat all kind!  I did see a family of 6 including 2 kids have food wrapped up. I did not see what it was so couldn’t tell if it was just extra food or the kids’ portions.  Oh by the way-there was a play room, equipped with cctv.  That is where some of the kids were.  How nice!!

This was over six weeks ago.  Fast forward to three weekends ago.  We went to a local Korean restaurant and we ordered the soup with noodles and beef bowls. We finished it.  Most people finished their meals I think.  I am starting to feel better.   I guess I just felt that the meal at the first reastaurant was a lot.
Okay,  I rambled on with guilt for long enough.

By the way Korean Food is great!


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