BCD Restaurant in Bayside Queens

-good food

-cool music

-question of the day “what is that in the bowl” (prior to this I thought that it was rice in some kind of clear broth)

answer: it is rice in tea–

–my husband joked that maybe we are supposed to wash our hands in it or something

—I used the extra rice for my meal–rice tea my behind!


This place had a play room with a CCTV screen so you could see your restless kids.

They thought that my husband was Japanese (he had shades on and had a close cut hairstyle and was in a shirt and tie )–he made the joke that maybe he should always wear his shades.

It was a Tuesday night and the original plan was go to Flushing, Queens and eat.  Then we thought “but why so far “, we had little Korea a little bit closer, about 15 minutes from our home.  We also threw that reasoning out the door and drove across the bridge for dinner in the Korean area of Queens (Northern Blvd).

I would recommend this place. We were stuffed and all the dishes had flavor with some packing spice and heat.  There is currently a Kimchi craze going on at the moment. (outside of this choice to eat Korean food)  I had some on the first go at dinner and almost choked.  I had kimchi previously but thought maybe I missed something the first time. I can do without it.  I mentioned to my husband that it needs to be eaten with a lot of rice.


BCD on Northern Blvd @ 220 street.

Try it.  You might like it!

Hot and Spicy is in!!!

BCD Tofu Restaurant Bayside, Queens


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