Pizza has lost its pizzazz!! Bring it back!

I have had a string of, awful pizza lately.  I tried a few different pizzerias around where I live and an additional one far away and well, I can probably make a better home pie–puff pastry, tomato sauce and some choice toppings.

The last time I had a well sauced, well cheesed, perfectly crusted pizza was,  I cannot remember.  My family is on the prowl for a good pie.  Bigger is not better, more toppings/less toppings is not better, no sauce/sauce is not better, just an all around good slice.

I was trying to avoid a chain (restaurant) though consistent, but not necessarily authentic (Pizza Hut, Dominos, Uno Pizzeria, Coals).  Is there no local home grown pizzeria that can be a good go to?   I will drive to that place where the good stuff is.  Hometown loyalty is not for us -unless the pizza is amazing.

Comment and share your favorite place (s) and why.


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