The South American treat.

So I polled some friends and acquaintances a while back to see what kind of desserts they liked and someone said Alfajores. I looked it up and realized that I liked that as well.  Well shiver me timbers, we have something in common.

When I made it (Alfajores) my daughter caught sight of it and kept saying “cookie, cookie, cookie.”  The look was enough to get her.

So my conclusion on what makes a dessert great is appearance.  If a dessert/sweet looks funny and smothered and it is in an ugly dish,  it deserves to sit in the fridge.  Food should be fun and enticing.  Most desserts don’t disappoint –however if it looks horrible no one wants to try –even if it tastes great.

The recipe is actually good to do with kids.  Once the dough is mixed, they can use a cookie cutter to  make the circles.  After all are cooled, they can spread the dulce de leche.  I used the store brand but bought some regular condensed milk to try getting the homemade effect. (did not repeat as yet so did not used my home method)

Here are some pictures.


It is sweet so this in no way is healthy but that is okay.  Moderation!!!!
Happy Cookie-ing!!!!

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