Kasutera or Castella (Japanese Sponge Cake)

img_65931I call this blog post–Kasutera Melee  (That may be extreme but to follow is why!)

I found a few recipes and decided on one that seemed the least strenuous.  I foamed up the eggs and warmed up the milk and made a thick egg yolk batter.

What the recipe said not to do was mix the flour in. So it was just sifted on top and folded in.  After that I added the balance of the items but kept seeing some extra liquid in the bottom of the bowl.  I did my best to somewhat mix without mixing. (extra liquid from either non frothed egg or the milk separated, who knows.) So I noticed but went along with the balance of the recipe.  It also did not say to add  flour in batches.

I baked it up and the bottom was not cooking through as the top. So given that, I further instigated the situation by putting a tray to catch falling liquid.  I had filled the baking pan to the brim and was afraid of spillage as it would burn and set my alarms off and disturb me (forget the neighbors). (yet again)

After checking the cake when the timer was up I removed the tray and put the cake back for 10 minutes.  So in the end it was for not.  I had a half half cake–top half was the correct texture and bottom half was a little dense and reminiscent of a dry pudding. (revisit the picture I included)

So I have to try again using another recipe to see if it was just me.


Oh by the way–the recipe calls for using a bain-marie. So that is fun and different and it took some time.


Later Cakers!!







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