Purple Yam

So where do you eat when in Brooklyn, well where ever your husband wants to eat. I was sort of hungry but not hangry !!  Also I was not leading the food need so I had to basically sit in my place.  I will leave it there.

So I wanted Filipino food a while back and well my husband said lets have that.  I was like okay but had not heard of any places that were really great close to where we were. We all know that queens is the real place to have it and there are a bunch of restaurants and local shops so you can have whatever you want.

Well enter Purple Yam.  It had the awning like a city restaurant which aims to protect people from the rain while they wait.  The light was dim inside and at the time that we went on a Saturday, not that late, there was only one other group and then one guy sitting by himself.  Later on two women came in and had a soup or appetizer, a drink and then left.

So the menu was promising.  So we ordered fresh lumpia*, kare kare* and tocino.*. The low down, the food was just okay.  We also did not over order as we wanted to have halo halo.  What really set the tone was the non Filipino taking our order and then the chef coming out to make small talk.  That was cool until he overstayed his welcome.  It was so odd,  like a hovering beggar-as bad as that sounds.  He was waiting for a conversation.  So we kind of turned to our food to politely say please leave.  However he did not play the game.  Later on he came back while we ate dessert and well it was weird (uncomfortable is the proper word to use) and I just was in disbelief.   Then I wondered “are you a hired hand or the mastermind behind this semi Filipino place. ”

In any case we shall not return,non famous last words!!!

On a scale of 1-10, I give a 5.  1 point off for the atmosphere/lighting, 1point off for the lingering behavior.  The other three points are reserved for amazing food and good atmosphere. 

Purple Haze!!!!

Clearing all thoughts of this place.  


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