Homemade Relish

hmmm–one less thing to buy

So in my quest to live long enough to travel to a lot of places, be a guest at a fancy party, throw a fancy party, enjoy my kid and establish traditions to pass on and maybe do something great,  I am trying my hand at home production.  Yeah all that for such a meager thing.

So I am now a relish lover.  It took me till I was over 30 to enjoy this topping.  I noticed that there was sweet relish and plain relish.  I guess I had been eating the sweet kind so as with anything sweet you have to watch your intake. Now this is even worse when it is from industrial production.  They add sucrose,  corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup among a bunch of other things I can neither pronounce nor spell.  So I thought one day, let me just look at the back of the bottle and see what is in the jar.  I then hunted on the internet for a simple recipe where the person said the taste was similar to what they ate from the store but with maybe a twist and with less of the bs.    This is what I found and this is what I made.  So far I am working my way through a jar.  I made enough for 1.5 jars and it goes on my eggs and my cold cuts and I did try it on my chicken.  There is a Filipino one that I tasted a few time as well and a whole jar was given to me once.  If I can make that then I will be a champ.  Nice natural accompaniments to meat. Options are always good.
Picked me this pickle me that!!

Call me Mrs Pickle!!


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