Lived-in design

So I also read about hotels as they really set the tone for travel experience.  If you  feel like you could be in a home like place and there is a lot of native life outside your temporary dwelling it just makes you feel different. So I came upon an article from Tablet and it mentioned Lived-in design in hotels.

Here is what I found in researching about that in a house/apartment.

Simple Definition of lived–in

  • : having a comfortable and appealing appearance or quality that comes from being used for a long time

  • : showing the effects of age

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary
I found examples. The most important rule is that it does not look staged.  When you sell a house and you stage it, lived in is the opposite.

-leave books out

-leave your pictures out

-bring your dog inside

-have blankets on the chair

They say that what you don’t want is a magazine perfect room. I call those “don’t sit on the sofa types. ”  The sofas are covered in plastic.  When you sit down and proceed to sweat, you stick to the chair and make this funny noise when you get up if you have shorts or a skirt on.


plastic chair covers



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