Ireland N Scotland -A snippet

So apparently no one takes culinary adventures in Ireland and Scotland at least not as their first choice. Even before we left for the trip we had second thoughts about the food.

So upon arriving to Dublin we set out to drive down south about three hours. We had a Fiat, so tiny and cute that you could miss it. First we stopped at a local 99 pence store. We got water and we had some snacks which we had bought with us from home.

We drove for a few hours and realized jet lag was setting it. We hit Starbucks-just like home but with accents. When we finally reached our destination we were famished. We asked for local recommendations. How successful were we?  It was like the town had shut down, literally. It was a small town, and it was also late in the evening. We had a choice of pizza, kebabs, and Italian food-sounds like budget Manhattan. We could not find a pub we wanted to be in and a modern sort of new place. The pub was a little too pub-bish for us.

We ended up at a seafood place but modern artsy sort of place. I had a tuna burger and my other half had a fish mixture, yeah, whatever they call that. Hmm, mine was okay and his was okay.

Fast forward to breakfast. It was a full Irish breakfast. Black and white pudding were  included. We split that and realized that it has to be an acquired taste. There was also yogurt and cereal and fruit -saviors in disguise. We filled our bellies as we did not know when our next meal/proper meal might be.

We visited Blarney Castle that day. After traipsing around the grounds and getting pictures we decided to get lunch. We are cheap and sometimes just don’t want to be bothered. We went to the local supermarket and got the lunch deal- like a subway. It came with crisps and a drink. We sat in the town square and ate.  We felt like locals just lounging and enjoying the day.

There were several crows mounting a silent attack at the park entrance. They sat in every available spot and threatened to swoop down as we walked. The lunch was brilliant. With bellies full we proceeded to drive around and get lost.  We watched all the tour buses and remembered why we like to drive ourselves–escape when you can, leave all your crap in one place while you stalk around and take the path less traveled.

Happy Travels


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