Hack job (pre oven/range delivery)

So what do you do for food when you have thrown out your stove/oven!
Well here is what you can do-eat out every night.

What did I do?

I used this breakfast station appliance- on top was a griddle with a glass cover, then inside was an oven and  warming area.  On the side as a coffee maker.

Well,  being a creative, and clever person, I knew I could find or rather would find a way to make dinner.

So after a false start, I made rice on the griddle which was deep enough to hold some water.  Then I cooked the pork chops in the toaster oven part.  After that I put the cauliflower to cook on the griddle using some of the juices from the meat.

My husband and daughter approved. That gave me the confidence to do it again.  I had chicken breasts, corn, broccoli, and chickpeas.  I made rice in my rice cooker.  Then I seasoned and warmed up corn in the coffee maker.  Later I blanched and finished off with broiling the broccoli.  Prior prep for the chicken made the last step easy as pie.  I seasoned chicken breast after deboning it.  I cubed it, let it soak in seasoning, coconut milk and a bit of peanut butter.  I put on the griddle and waited for the magic to happen.  Final word-husband loved it and daughter cleaned her plate.

Though I like this single person with a kitchenette appliance- I await my full sized range.  Soon to return will be the days of serious volume cooking, baking, and multi tasking.

Have fun with food!

Courant 3-IN-1 Multifunction Breakfast Hub – Red


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