Banana cake with amaretto frosting 

My husband and I noticed an ad in the Clipper Magazine.  I usually do not save anything but this time I pulled out a few pages and one was for the 808 Bistro.  We are always into trying a new place and my Aunt was visiting so we figured when we were with her she took us around, Now that she is here we could do something nice.
The hostess was nice and the waiter was attentive.  The owner or manager came buy and made a nice comment.  The appetizer was of a good portion and mine was especially large so I gave to my toddler as she is okay with chicken.  The only thing about my appetizer (chicken) was that it was a lot (not really a problem but it kind of filled me) and that there was a squirt of the sauce.
I guess they do not want to be like the chains that send toppings and sauces out at every chance. My husband had the sausage “egg rolls.” They were good.  My aunt had the grilled shrimp over greens and beans.
I then had the steak with/mushrooms medium well,  which was okay, as I am just a minor lover of steak but my scalloped potatoes were baked in an individual dish and just what I needed. (nice touch)  My husband had the pork rib eye which he was not sure about at first.  He wondered if pork could come in a rib eye cut.  Well it did and he liked it.  Along with his meal were mashed sweet potatoes which he ended up sharing with my aunt who had the Fillet of Sole, topped with a super tangy lemon sauce and finished with slivered almonds.  Hers also came with sliced green and yellow squash and stir fried w/onions.  Her veggies my husband and I finished.  Oh did I mention that I was stuffed.  Well then came dessert.  We had flan and bread pudding with banana sauce. The pudding plate had a strawberry and both banana and strawberry sauces.  Even my toddler liked it.  The flan just melted in the mouth.  It was not as solid as other flans we had in the past but it was not bad, just nothing to write home about. The whipped cream texture and the super creamy nature of the flan were not a good match.
The restaurant was barely full when we arrive in the early evening but it had a full house while we were there.  It was a good time and we will probably return as we had a really positive experience.  I have a toddler, so anyplace that does not turn up its nose has my vote.
It was apparently a former bar but they put about 17 tables and kept an “ole school” ceiling with 3 fans which are not too noisy and not too windy.  The place had dim lighting with candles on each table.  It was enough to eat.  There was music in the background but not to the point where you would have to yell loud to be heard.  It looks like a small well run operation as there were only a few waiters to manage the place.  Oh the parking–some on the street.  I did not investigate pay parking nor if they had a lot for customers.
Until then!  Eat up!!!

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