Bucket lists

How does one come up with a bucket list? I guess you can have something suggested to you by someone you consider dear or credible. You can read about it in a variety of genres or you can witness something and want to have that feeling again or a magnified feeling.
I like travel and to some degree history/politics and architecture. For me getting excited about a place can be from an ad, seeing a documentary, reading a weird fact or just knowing the place exists is enough.  

My most recent curiosity and excitement came when I saw a YouTube documentary about what Finnish people eat. This is a long winded story but in the end, I was excited about the holiday feast. The food looked familiar (not that I had the dish before but rather I could recognize the ingredients) . I guess the better way to say that is -the food felt safe. (Just also read an article in a forum where the question was why do people only order a few select dishes from menus. Some responses were: safe, won’t throw away my food and I spent money and at times lots of money). So yes the food felt safe and I would try it. There were all of these shapes and colors and textures. It made me want to spend Christmas in Finland.  

They are also a highly traditional people so it would be very interesting to witness.

Second reason I am curious is their love of nature and ability to sustain and have access to fresh food. They have tons of green houses and all I can say is I Want One!!
So here is one for the bucket list.  Visit Finland!


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