Food, culture and wealth the beginning

So I have been spending time with my husband’s family and I have been eating their food. It is too bad that my daughter who is less than 2 years old is not really partaking.  

So in my eating so far it has been a dearth of vegetables or not an everyday thing. At home in my household and culture we have to (are told and it is recommended) eat a well balanced diet of fruits and veggies, protein, fiber etc-you know the spiel .  They have vegetables here and I have seen them in the market.  So I had the discussion with my husband and he said that in the old days when there was less money vegetables rather than meat was king.  You would ration the meat and I have seen this.  My husband would have a piece of meat and a bowl of rice.  I have also seen it with fish. (Another reason for the ratio-saltiness of the fish)

So back to the veggies. He mentioned that basic veggies are what they have.  He said that they were more like side dishes -chopped tomato and chopped onion or even chopped cucumber.  It is the same for those items in my home country. we do have veggies though that can be a normal part of the meal. We will visit that another time when I discuss Caribbean fare. He said that there were only a few dishes with vegetables in it-and one is pancit, popular dish.  Some are solo like bitter melon and chayote while  others are with a vegetable eggplant, bok choy, string beans or malunggay*. Then there are the legumes which there are a few and some are even used for desserts. (These are the ones I am familiar with)  About the vegetable dishes-one popular dish is kare-kare*.  He said that it takes too long too cook.  That got me thinking -well why don’t we use modern techniques to make these dishes . (Another topic brewing) Peanuts can be ground in a food processor so no need to use store bought peanut butter, the bok choy can be steamed quickly and the eggplant and oxtail can be cooked in a pressure cooker or Dutch oven.  Etc.

So long and short is-climb in wealth, =more meat, less veggies.???? Or is it just this particular family? There are a lot of veggies dishes on the Internet.  As a foodie I decided to investigate. At another time I will let you know what I found out. Now I am super curious to see what people with a little bit more disposable income eat.  (Second topic brewing)

Okay now that I spoke my mind, and planted seeds for future blogs, I must leave you in food peace.  

Comment on anything you wish. Share a story or a similarity or contrast.  

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