Thoughts of travel take one      Speeding  down or actually slowly speeding down the Hutchinson Parkway on a cloudy day, it feels like I’m speeding down the M6 going to some outer county/outer London. Sometimes it (the road)just feels like it goes on and on when you’re tired. I must just be missing travel.  Sometimes it’s so clear. I wake up in the morning and feel like I should be waking up in Florence or something or Bari perhaps Lyons. I should be waking up on the southside of Beijing wondering why am I there. But alas, at this moment, I’m trying to figure out ‘how can I travel and do a medium amount of work to really just pay for my airfare and my living expenses, not for anything extra.’ We would do that for at least a year as my toddler is out of school or rather not in school yet and before the mandatory school year start. It just makes you think.  What does a mommy  have to do to get to travel for free but still do some work and be relevant while learning and teaching her toddler!!!

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