Restaurant Review Lisbon

Oh so what do you do when you kind of want something different.  (When traveling) I mean you can top out and pay an arm and a leg and get really fancy food that took an artist chef an hour to prepare, or you can seek out some Nepalese food.  That is just what we did on our last night in Lisbon.  To our great luck, there was a place within walking distance of our place.

It was a small place but the staff was attentive.  They allowed my daughter to make a chips garden on the floor.  I call it a chip but it was one of the crispy flat breads.  It had an airy taste like a snack we had when little kids.  It was cooked in a large pot filled with hot oil and it went from a flat translucent shape to a chicharron consistency and shape.

The portions looked a little small but then, we could not forget where we were. (not the land of large and extra large.) We even tried some hot spices and were crying “uncle” at the end.


Now to the rating:

Ambiance–great and well no other kids (7)

Smell–decent and not overwhelming when you enter (10)

Service–great (10)

Taste–8.5, I was pretty impressed.  I only took away .5 of a point from the Mango Curry dish as it did not have anything else but the sauce and the chicken. I felt they could have added something-like onions, peppers, etc. -I mean that it did not have to be cooked down. Texture can do wonders for a dish. I have also experienced slightly  seasoned white rice in the past. It’s rare but this was good.

10 on taste is reserved for a complete meal that blows my mind.


The place is called Fishtail.

Address: Av. Óscar Monteiro Torres 54, 1000-281 Lisboa, Portugal



When in town, check it out!



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