Toddler travel -13 plus hours on Plane

You need to get to airport early, why you ask?

If plane is not full then you can ask for specific seats ( ship the front where they have the bassinet ), like the last row in a section or side back section where there is actually room on the side of seats.(not all planes) or seats that allow 3 as they will put no one in middle seat

What will you need?

Tablet/distraction, iPad, electronic game that’s relatively quiet, books if you have space (no loose toys)

Your own stash of milk if your kid is still on that, but know that random airlines can provide a milk pack like Korean air.  ( formula, juice, water,  then separately boxed regular milk)

Mat for changing table-in the micro toilet

Lots of snacks-don’t fear, yogurt last for like a day outside in a room with a cool temp

Cooked food if your kid is picky

Two change of clothes in carrying case or in your pocketbook ( book bag )

Kid should not be wired-that’s a nightmare so watch the pre flight sugar as well as in the flight sugar

Make sure you are well rested before flight

Sleep when your kid sleeps on plane
If you have any antidotes to add, feel free to comment.

Happy Travels!


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