Airbnb take two

Now as an avid traveler and a keen observer as well as a person that takes hospitality seriously, I have to now speak to this new breed of accommodation providers.  
1) your place must be clean

Pet peeve number one.

If I have to find two tooth picks and hair on the floor as well as hair on the faucet and toothpaste residue, and lastly a somewhat less than clear bathroom door, I can draw many conclusions.  

I can say that you cleaned in haste. I can say that you are not the primary caretaker. I can say that you are not cut out for this or lastly I can say, you just suck at cleaning. 

I can do without the fringe benefits but if I have to clean and I get an icky feeling, especially when I have my toddler cleaning your floor and she picks up blonde hair, while I found black hair in the bathroom, I start to wonder about other things.  Those being the cleanliness of the toilet, the linens, the utensils etc.  

That is just me.  


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