food fun (excerpts from random days) part 1

i opened a can of tuna two days ago–guess what, i bet you can’t, water but no tuna

today i tried to make waffles in a george foreman grill—lol

last night I wanted Peruvian and when I got to the restaurant it was in darkness–no signs

bought french cookies topped with dark chocolate–yummy

was hoping to hit a Bastille celebration this year–missed the day but the restaurant week was still going on–why did i not partake–money does not grow on my tree like that– I am seeking French friends as a result 🙂

discovered that my supermarket has some hot food at lunch time–so what did i get: plantains, empanadas and chicken wings–plus at home I added some rice and broccoli

my husband bought a happy meal and got harassed in a good way–my daughter got a minions toy that she is afraid of

busy mom deciding if i want to go out and hit a festival–food or work, the food you get, the work part: pack bag for kid, get kid ready, get self ready, drive to location, deal with the beating sun,  —–it should not matter right, do all things in the name of food right


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