Destination Nowhere part 2 (NY, CT, MA VT, NH)

We did some off-roading which meant the potential to get stuck in mud. And you know that if you drive too hard, you will get stuck.  Also there were no lights and you’re like a mile inside the forest.  So we would have to walk a mile out to go to civilization and even if we saw someone, who knows. That person could be sketchy, based on some of the homes we saw.  Some homes had everything out on the grass- like extra chairs, patio sets stuff covered, and even cars. I saw a Camaro.  The other day someone joked that it was for the parts probably. Then we saw open spaces and signs for the sale of this three-acre area but it looked like we would have to clear the land and we really didn’t know if part of the plan was to clear land. I kind a wanted to live in an area that had a natural clearing, so that at some point I could drop a house and not disturb the peace.

I was looking for animals perhaps a deer.  Not one did we see.  We were driving around one day in our neck of the weeds, where there are tons of people, and we actually saw a family of deer loitering in these expensive condominiums not even really close to a forest.

What I liked about our trip was that we went to New Hampshire and we crossed over into Massachusetts through a small town and it looked like it was up-and-coming although the buildings were really old and the paint was chipping and it didn’t look like anyone cared. They should beautify the town, but the houses are typical of mining and industrial towns and there was an area with visibly lower income people and racially diverse. There were both Latino and Black people.  We did not see a lot of older people, therefore old money.  We did a big senior home though, which is probably where they were all hiding out.

So along our journey we saw lots of farms.  We even saw a mini prison (hence the barbed wire) just right on the edge by the water -so they can escape downriver and who knows -there were no lights so at night time it would be ridiculous.  We concluded that one can only look at these places in the daytime so we would never want to be there at night and these places were on the edge of the river leading down to the road. So if your car slid or the road wasn’t clear –ah well.  Good luck.  We took the road but knew that if there was snow there would be no clean path.  And you kind of know that if you are going to drive up there for your second house.  You however are only doing that in the summer with your Porsche.  In the winter four wheel drive or something with somewhat of a high clearance I necessary. You can then handle these non-destinations. You still require some preparation though.

For your non-destination road trip you will no less take good pictures and you will relax. If you just want to relax and do nothing but just read a book and watch some TV, lie in bed all day and just go out for food when you’re hungry like a bum, it’s possible. Also, in this kind a trip, if you want fancy food– bring your own, especially if the place has a kitchenette because the restaurants are cool but there were only a couple. On the bright side of that- it’s these places that are ripe for you to come to (for me to come) and bring my small business and actually and have a successful business as the pickings are slim in the town of North Adams Massachusetts.

The population in North Adams was negligible but just enough to maybe have a weekend only business– small restaurant where everyone hangs out–wi fi and the like.  You only need a small space.  I am guessing that the rent is ridiculous’ cause it’s not New York City.

If you have a destination nowhere to share—please do.

Until then, always road trip with snacks just in case you cannot find a place to eat.


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