road trip -destination Nowhere NH, VT, MA, CT, NY

Destination nowhere

what do you do in New Hampshire and southern Vermont

what do you eat, where do you hang out

I wanted to see what the landscape looked like outside of major cities. You know, a real small town where you can see the edge of town on both sides in between the mountain, so basically the valley.  Also you wonder, what do these people do with their lives on a day-to-day basis and where do they work.

When we first arrived there in the vicinity, we needed a place to eat and the pickings were slim. Of course there were two China buffets. How does that happen!! Yeah they find their way everywhere. So since we don’t do China buffet’s at home, we were like “why not!” We could have done a chain restaurant like McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Taco Bell and those were the only choices right around where our hotel was. We actually passed some other restaurants on the way but uncertain about the quality of food we passed. This particular town, Brattleboro had a lot of car dealer ships, just a couple of the motel looking places, and a few cool looking places to eat but it wasn’t like the town you want to be stuck in and I was glad we are passing through during midday.  We stayed in a place called Keane, which had a state college, not that big, but then again there are not thousands of people in New Hampshire.  We went down the main road, parked to walk and saw some little shops. I wondered where the heck was the supermarket?  We found it and there was a little area that had all of the stores which meant it was a livable town and you do have some run in with the outside world.

So destination Keane, what do you do? Just hang out? As long as there is a clean comfortable hotel, food, a TV and a pool to keep yourself busy, then you don’t even have to go anywhere else. It’s not even really touristy, so the hotel could be your destination.   This is why I think resorts came about and why there are hotel destinations filled with busy activities.  It is just to go and do nothing sometimes, maybe take a drive and still do nothing as well.  While we were in Keane we noticed that everything closed at nine.  Just maybe one or two stores were open till 10.  I had to drive through the “downtown” and it didn’t have stop signs but rather walking paths, so each time I saw a path I was supposed to or had the potential to stop.  I learned my lesson when I nearly mowed down a group of kids because I was just Sunday driving and didn’t realize that they were there and I just –just saw them. They waved to me saying thank you. But on my mission I was in search of food and all I could think was “No thank you really” thanks for not letting me mow you down. I ended up having pizza and spaghetti & meatballs because that was all I could find open.  After that I thought that traveling to Vermont was a chore.  In the beginning I thought that I was going to get some pretty decent meals.  I even spotted a food co-op, which was their answer to Whole Foods as the prices were the same and similar to stuff I saw in other gourmet shops like the one I worked at previously. The people seemed nice.

PART 2 Coming



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