Bread without White Flour

I love bread.  I recently took a trip and was of what bread means to various people.  My aunt made pumpkin bread, and coconut bake.  The bake is something we eat in the West Indies and it can be eaten with cheese and jam, as well as cod fish or smoked herring.  It can even be with shark and flying fish.  When it is served hot it is the best and I have never had a bad moment when the bread was in play. It is either a great breakfast dish or used at a get together at the beach or as a special meal for dinner.

Each culture has a bread and, so to go off grid–how can you just scratch it from your diet!!  All things in moderation I say.

Here are some recipes without flour.

Do you have simple dish/bread etc that can always bring people together and is always a winner no matter what it is served with, and when it is served??

Happy Eating!  When in doubt BREAD IT.  Add some bread to the meal, make some bread as the main meal and bread the meat, as in bread crumbs.  There is no fail here!!!

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