Cookie Rant and Rave!!!!!!!

I would like to go off on cookie makers everywhere…….

So it has been my bad fortune to taste/ have really bad cookies. Don’t let me start on cakes.

Where do I start!  Subway-used to be my go-to. Not anymore. Scrawny cookies. They have since thinned out the cookies. It is no longer enjoyable.

A chocolate chip cookie should have the right amount of chocolate chips. Mrs Fields, I do not remember it being anything special. I also have a bone to pick with oatmeal cookie makers. Where is the oatmeal and what is up with the overflow of raisins? This again should be a perfect balance.

I used to get cookies from a place close to where I worked and sometimes I felt like the cookies were bought. They just had a non-authentic feel about them. (the donuts were homemade though)

I also had cookies from Insomnia and Panera.  Insomnia is good but my favorite is now Au Bon Pain.  So how did I arrive at that conclusion you ask.  Well I was on my way to a meeting at a Yoga Studio in Manhattan.  I was coming from home (Westchester) and I had not had a good sweet in a while. That together with the food that would probably be served at the Yoga studio (at least what I thought would be served) prompted me to stop off at Au Bon Pain.  I remember the store from when I worked in Manhattan.  I could always catch a snack on the way back home. (1.5 hour ordeal) So I got the two for the price of one chocolate chip cookies.  I was hesitant but it was one of the few cookies left.  Some were in a basket on the table also.  So I tore into it and was instantly fulfilled.  It was relatively fresh so the chocolate chips melted in my mouth.  I have to say, I will seek out an Au Bon Pain to get my chocolate chip cookies. The jury is still out on the rest of the cookies.  I have to continue my search for the best Oatmeal Raisin cookie and then the White Chocolate Macadamia nut.

The cookie was so good I was proud to eat it in front of the gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and vegetarian members of the group–who met at the yoga studio.  I even gave the second one to my husband.  He liked it.  We had eaten Stop & Shop chocolate chip cookies recently and I found that to be somewhat satisfying as well–a distant second.  My husband had even bought cvs cookies–he must have been out of his mind.  We have one box left and are only slowly eating it. (no wasting) Iccckkkk!!!.

Check out these reviews!

So the first link shows specific cookies and the second seems to tout the whole lot of cookies produced.

If you like cookies and have a favorite place, please share.  I will check out mail order cookies.  If you have experience with that, let us know.  

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