Formal Party–Napkin Folding

So many of you probably have not thought of or had the chance to have a formal dinner party. Formal Party–This is a sit down with a table set up and a few courses. Well–start thinking.

Do one just because. Do it for your birthday, or after you get a raise, or after you get engaged or after you set the date or like I said–just because. Maybe you are down in the dumps for whatever reason. This is a way to bring yourself up–you have a purpose and you have a finished product you can be proud of. A little project!! Then you can have the company of friends to laugh it out.

So back to the story at hand, Napkin Folding. Back in my cruise days I saw this regularly. On cruises they tend to have the tables set and sometimes with fancy configurations. You too can be fancy. Also you can finally use the fancy napkins that ________ (fill in the blank) gave you for Christmas or your birthday or that you acquired during a garage sale for $5. 🙂

click on the link:

click on the link:

My favorite is the T-Shirt Fold. Just think, you are having a dinner to announce your baby boy–fold the napkins in a t-shirt pattern. How cool are you!!!

Enjoy and let us know if you use any of the napkin folds at your next gathering.


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