Home Gardens

who has not dreamt of a home garden

i guess you have to dream of a home first 🙂

so on a little visit to a friend recently we hit the jackpot

the friend kept such a nice organized garden


she had squash, bitter melon, bodi (long beans), tomatoes, scallions, peppers (small hot and regular), okra, string beans, cucumber and zucchini

it was a hobby and something she did when she came home from work–some of us watch tv, some of us cook and bake, some us run, some of bike, some of us play video games, some of us sleep

or you could do some serious gardening, in the summer at least


check out the pictures (below)

today i will make my favorite pie (previous posting)–zucchini, tomato, eggplant pie (super easy)

I also will make the bodi into curry bodi–curry bodi is an Indian favorite from the West Indies

the cucumbers–we will just eat with every meal and maybe i will make a tzatziki dip for vegetables

then nothing would have gone to waste

attached are some recipes from my previous post and also the tzatziki dip (unproven) and another layer pie for veggies–enjoy

(click links)
Weekend gardening







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