Laloux in Montreal Canada


First of all, Canada in January is brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So with that said, we walked for about half an hour (which does not seem long to New Yorker’s but when it is assinine cold outside and there is ice everywhere and you are trying to find a place, it seems like an eternity).

I had looked up this place online prior to our trip and when I made the reservation it ended up being a little later than we would have liked it. Then my husband suggested another place that I had on my list but not for that night. We walked to the place my husband suggested and to our surprise, it was closed—what the hec. So we decided to go to Laloux, and that reservation I had cancelled earlier. We now had to walk another half an our–what the hec, in this Canadian cold. We trekked on the ice and the nasty streets. We finally reached there in our get ups and took a chance. Luckily, they took us. Of course we sat next to the window (a tad bit on the cold side). After defrosting, the nice server girl (LOL) brought us the menu and explained the specials.

My dish:
Duck magret and ham from la Canardière, parsley roots, Brussels sprouts, immature juniper berries and ash sour cream–Yummy

My husband:
Seared scallops, cow parsnip cauliflower, buttered leeks, almonds and golden raisins



We enjoyed our meals. I would have liked to be placed away from the cold window but we did not complain, so it was our error. Maybe our dress down may have played a part as well.

The host was helpful, down to the last dessert (after dinner sweet). She explained and we did not feel silly asking. The meal was great and if we had space, we would have had dessert.

On a scale of 1-5, 4.5. It was pleasant and what I needed.


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