MaX Brenner

What to eat when a friend is in town?  We could do a fancy place with great table service. OR I can just go for broke and try a fun place that was on my bucket list–nothing fancy or refined about it but just to say I had been there. I decided to try a place that I was unsuccessful in getting in previously-Max Brenner. I had heard about the desserts and so I thought it was was worth trying.  It was early afternoon during the week so we had a better chance. Finally we got a table and this nice English gentleman served us. I first was going to get eggs- breakfast food but then thought -as I saw the guy across from us, “his plate is amazing”. I told the waiter that I wanted what that guy was having. 


We had an appetizer first–all the goey badness, then I had French toast topped with apples-I love having lunch and dessert together. We however also had dessert – when it came out it was ridonculousness. Omg chocolate overload and with open flames. It was dangerous and pleasantly sinful. (Only in America.)







So I conquered Max Brenner. I will probably never go again as it is impossible to just walk in and get a seat. I know that it keeps the allure alive, but I am just not a person who believes in waiting for what seems like hours to eat and not matter how good it is. I can always go next door and be quickly satisfied, maybe not amazed but satisfied.

Until then!!!

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