NYWCA Meeting-I Catered

I am finally getting back into the swing of things.

I am a trooper. I try to be part of this group no matter what. I come from far away and have a hard time getting away but I put in a showing. I wish they still gave out gold stars for effort.

So I left work at 2pm, to catch the 2:16 train. Upon getting home I made my wraps which I has already set up the night before. My fiance at the time took time off of work to drive me to Manhattan to the location. It is always a fun time when you are sort of late. This time I was on time but I still felt the pressure.

(I however neglected to take the curry chicken salad–my piece de resistance. (?) I made a bunch of wraps and used all my materials which previously I calculated to be more than enough and because I forgot the curry chicken, it kept feeling like I did not have enough food. Well in the end I made way more than was needed. It is a true learning curve. I tried to prepare for 35-55 people and it was more like 30 people that attended, and they were particular. I was actually surprised as when I go to the meetings I usually get a full meal as it is usually late and when I get home it is to bed I go. I was a little taken aback.)

The group though did like my spread. I did wraps, two pasta salads, a fruit platter and some nut clusters. I had to bring the left overs back home which was a little annoying. I only about 1.5 months ago finished off some of the frozen pasta. That was a lesson but a ballsy one though. I had made extra plain pasta as well so I had to absorb that as well.

Here are the pictures from that day.










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