All I was responsible for was taking the notes of the meeting. So what could go wrong.
1) showed up a little later than I would have liked
2) was way in the back so had to strain to hear
3) did not interact with many people–actually I did but not the people whom I thought I would
4) even had to confirm the winners–how sad

I did however get photos of the food-which is all that matters. I like to see what people come up with and how they display things. It may be the best, dish but if it is to messy, I can’t tell what it is, or it seems to be a plain dish, then it changes my perception of how it might taste and then may deter me from even trying it. Sometimes I like things that have familiar ingredients. If I am hungry, which I usually am at these things, I want to eat fast and what I know.

Here are the photos. Enjoy the feast for the eyes.
a treat for the senses

Angel Food cake, balsamic strawberries


Blackeyed Peas n Collard Greens

Buckwheat Noodles--Presentation Winner

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Popums

Cool Vegetable Salad

Deviled eggs w seafood

First time desserts

Gluten Free Pretzels

Greek Mac and Cheese--Theme Winner

Green is Good

Greens and Grains

Med. Triangles aka Greek Nachos

Meyer Lemon Curd Tart

Pickles--Winner for Taste

Picnic anyone

Provencal Spring Fritata

Sushi and Sandwich

Tomato Tart w Goat Cheese



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