Blueberry Scones–A long term friendship

I love scones. The first time I tasted scones, I was studying in London. I loved the crunch outside and the soft inside. I cannot even remember the flavor I had but I knew I had found a life long “friend.”

So I have eaten scones very rarely but my current job makes some decent scones. I partake in it so no it is not rarely, by rather occasionally. I also have a few recipes. One calls for buttermilk and whole wheat pastry flour in addition to the other ingredients. TOO MANY INGREDIENTS I say, plus I did not feel like going back outside for buttermilk and then having to seek and capture whole wheat pastry flour.

I decided to use this recipe I found online. Blueberry Scones

This was a trial so very rarely is it what you want on the first try.
I followed directions for 97% of it. When I finished making the dough it was a little wet but not such that I could not form it. That may be normal. I also did not use the raw sugar–I had some creme of coconut so I mixed that with heavy creme and brushed the top of the scones.

I do not like to put my oven on 400 (sensitive alarms) so I started with 350, then midway moved to 375 and then for last 5 minutes, 400. It was rather brown but it was cooked. It was nice and crunchy-not to the cookie point. The inside was like a muffin. It was however somewhat salty. The first taste is not sweet, but rather a little salty. HMMMMM. I know that baking powder is salty like and we also added a tablespoon of salt. Next time, maybe just a pinch.

Check it out. (Don’d mind the browness-that was just a few minutes too long in oven)IMG_0182














Tea and Scones anyone!
Where are the Brits when we need them! 🙂


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