JAN 2013 POTLUCK/Movie Night

Our left over food from the potluck/movie night. Its funny how I can never get my camera out when everything is first put on the table. I think I even missed a few dishes-eating that is. In any case we had a great night, a few close friends and a movie–COMING TO AMERICA.


Cranberry cake, Banana Q (Filipino Dish-looks like eggroll), and Mini Tarts


Red Velvet Cake, left over bowties, and one last chicken wing (how convenient)


Deviled Eggs and Eggplant Rolitini (Years ago I was not an eggplant fan, but then I learned about it in school and have cooked it for my customers every since.–It can be Italian, Thai or Chinese.)


Homemade gnocchi and tomato sauce


Arancini–Rice Balls, bread for the Fresh Mozzarella and fix-ins for the Banana Q (if you have never had rice balls–please google it and find a place, they are really good)


Fresh Mozzarella and pork rolls (yummy)

Potluck 2012/Movie Nght

Chicken Skewers–always a great fit, some meat and vegetables


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