A day at the rains.

what better thing to do on a Sunday afternoon
-make some kebabs, grab some potato salad and some coleslaw, then crack up the grill
-find a nice place that is quiet, grass-covered, and right on the water with a view of the Hudson
-catch up on past due reading material and disengage your phone
-sit in a lawn chair

so what could be better, or rather what could be worse
-it raining
it raining like an angry man–sky dark, all the ranges disappearing, land marks disappearing (we could see the Tappan Zee bridge and then we could not, then we could not see anything, it was like a thick cloud of gray from the water to the sky

we waited out the rain under a beach umbrella–yeah, something meant for the sun, not for heavy pelting rain

so since we could not eat in the rain, we went to a local diner–yummy, steak and reuben sandwich
i have to say that the meal was rather excellent–diners rock
they had a lot on the menu -a lot, 6 pages worth, sometimes that can cause a problem as there is some much you can order and some diners serve anything anytime–pancakes at 8pm at night anyone, steak for breakfast

till then–try a diner, no it is not first class, but you can find almost anything and is usually worth it–decent price and a heaping of food

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