Guantanamera NYC

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Cuban food is great. On date night we decided to use a groupon special. We found this little place called Guantanamera. It was a bar and a restaurant and performance room.

We arrived and there was a small bar in the front but we could see the tables in the back. It was dark, but the back of the room looked like a Medea set. It was bright with yellow lights and yellow wall. On the small stage was a live band. People had taken the liberty to dance in the walkway from the back of the restaurant to the front of the restaurant.

We got a seat right behind the bar. Thanks goodness this was not to be a romantic first date. The music was loud. We were practically yelling and we were about 3 feet apart or less. We have a small 2 person table and about 1.5 feet away on the right was another table. On the left was the walking path and on the side of that some booths. So we were in the middle of it all and the music was loud. Bar workers and waitresses and managers walked on both sides of us. One wrong step and I would have been bruised.

So to the food. I thought I would try something new. I wanted the oxtail. By the way, it was excellent. I would give it about a 7. It was juicy, the right texture, enough, placed nicely on the place and it came with some rice. I had some of the beans as well. The music started to hop even more and people were dancing beyond the path-they moved the tables further away.
My other half had the flank steak. It was decent but you really kind of needed the sauce. I have had this meat before and it was not as great this time around but we definitely tasted the grill. I would give the steak a 6.

I liked this place as it may well have been what a Cuban place is in Cuba—full of energy, good smells, loud and opened late.

I would recommend and would go back a well. There was a large menu and fish to, so that would be another thing to try. We saw them bring out the fish and it looked like fun. Another customer just took her hands and broke the fish like a native. I liked that–no shame.

Till then, eat up.

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