Johnny Rockets–oh yeah (Eastchester, NY)

So we were coming back from doing a food delivery and we wanted Japanese food–udon noodles to be exact. I was already smelling the curry bowl. Yummy. We did not find it right away (not at all actually) and then we saw a fish market and thought, maybe. It seemed however, like we would empty our pockets in there–so we decided to pull into the next parking lot-strip mall area and consult a map. When we pulled up we saw Johnny Rockets and we were sold. No conference call nor memos needed– We parked and went inside.

food was as fatty as we wanted and as tasty as we wanted
my chipotle, black bean burger was excellent (one of the best veggie burgers I ever had)
my sweet potato fries were scrumptious and definitely sweet

my other half had the route 66 burger–it just looked like a kitchen belched, it was all over the place, but it was half delicious according to him.

the following made this Johnny Rockets a good find
1) good service
2) open past 9
3) they let customers come in very close to closing
4) attentive server
5) fast service-really fast
6)a good mass produced meal
7)the milk shake/smoothie was wild, there were even pieces of bananas
8)my burger had lots of bite-the milk needing kind

I must say burger joints are not cheap, but you get what you pay for–i paid about 30 bucks, tip included.

On another note:
I have an observation.
-i feel that the sweet potato fries were dipped in a little bit of sugar because they had a really crunchy caramelized outside , that is my way to explain the good tasting fries

I have to admit, we were so overcome by our food that I was only able to get a picture of the milk shake.

milk shake with fruit piece inside


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