Oh how I hate bones. The truth is, I cannot have a quick meal when there are bones. Case in point. A while back I bought some turkey legs chopped up like oxtail. I guess I was really wanting oxtail. SO I cooked the turkey in this great sauce and great potatoes to accompany it. I was all set to chow down and every bite had a bone. These were not huge bones that you could suck/bite the meat off. NO, these were the iddy biddy bones that are a pain in the buttocks. SO what will I never do again, buy turkey legs like this. I am a cold cut and turkey breast kind of gal-for life

But you have to see why I was so torn. Check this out.

roasted pumpkin and potato wedges

Share which meat/fish you “enjoy” deboning.

Until my next meat adventure, so long from boneless nation.


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