It is TRAVEL TIME again

Here is a snipping from the Economist–a seemingly heady, geeky, over run with words magazine. I must admit–one of my favorite reads. It actually provides information on things we do not think about in our daily lives.

For all of you travelling this year, I am sure you are gearing up.
1) your pre-made sandwiches
2) your overflowing seemingly endless snack bag (like a black hole)
3) your magazines from months ago that you just did not have time to read
4) your play list and even your laptop, iPad, kindle, and cell phone for games
5) of course your tiny bag with 1oz liquids (it is hilarious when I travel and I see this–such an intimate part of you and it is on display)
6)lest we not forget, travel with all your bags on the plane so that you can avoid the pile up at the baggage claim or customs

So here is the GBTA’s list of ten
[The GBTA Foundation is the education and research foundation of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the world’s premier business travel and corporate meetings organization.]

The Troublesome Ten

GBTA researchers found that the fees that cause the most problems for companies and travel managers are those that are least predictable, can’t be paid in advance, and are difficult to track individually. According to these criteria, the study reveals the ten most troublesome ancillary fees:

1. Airline fees for soft drinks
2. Airline fees for headset use
3. Airline fees for movies and videos
4. Airline fees for food
5. Car rental fees for toll passage
6. Hotel related fees for internet use
7. Hotel related fees for parking
8. Car rental fees for late returns
9. Car rental fees for drop-off of a one-way rental
10. Car rental fees for fuel charge.

“Last summer, our research found that only twenty-one percent (21%) of travel managers are tracking ancillary fees while those fees account for over eight percent (8%) of total travel spend,” continued Bates. “Our research shows that ancillary fees have a significant impact on travel budgets and policies. With better insight into how these fees work, travel managers can make more informed choices.”

Rebecca Carriero, 212-446-1897,

Just thought I would share. Remember the days of easy travel. You leave work early on a Friday, run to the airport, catch any plane, and spend 2 full days anywhere.

Travel Safe, travel happy


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