Here are the stats:
Small, @30 seats, like going to the BLUENOTE Jazz Club in New York City.
There were two waitresses/servers, both dressed like they worked in an upscale restaurant: ties, black pants and white collared shirts.
Home like/farm like wall paper, tables with glass on top, decent music–a selection I actually have at home
Plants on top of the divider

-the waitress asked where we wanted to sit and we chose away from the traffic path, but definitely in the mix of the place
-the waitress was attentive
-on the table, bread brushed with brown sugar, bread on the cutting board with unsalted whipped butter, clean utensils (not like the inn)

Menu was small but interesting
I had the sauteed seafood over fettuccine. (scallops, shrimp, mussels, Swiss cheese) My other half had Salmon stuffed with crab and lobster. On the side was rice with haricot verts (skinny green beans).

My comment on my meal: it smelled amazing but the cheese could have had a little tiny kick. Other than that it was super filling and okay. We tried to finish as we were leaving the following day and could not take the food with us really. The stuffed salmon was okay. I guess it would be like stuffing chicken with turkey and bacon. I am just saying.

I would return if I went back. I would also recommend this place if you want a quiet dinner (for the most part) and a small amount of people in your face. I would give a 6, solid. I did however like the music so maybe a 6.2.

For breakfast the following day we ate at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. The girls working there all looked like highschoolers or at least they dress like they were. They all had shorts and t-shirts and pony-tails, a symbol of “youth”. We sat almost right away, right in the front, with a 180 degrees view of the street to observe the “action” or lack there of. It was diner-ish with lots of choices and fairly decent prices. The day before we had a mandatory $15 meal, each-mass produced food in full effect. Here we did less than $10 per person and it was goooood. The portion was also sufficient–we finished it all.

The hostesses/servers were attentive but busy. I had the small pecan waffle with bananas on top, and a heap of creamy butter. My other half had potatoes, bacon, eggs and whole wheat toast. He had the pineapple juice and I had the cranberry juice.

I love fruit juice in the morning. It is refreshing.
It started to drizzle at the end and we were glad they had an awning.

I loves pancakes so as long is it is halfway decent, I am okay. This place had a good thing going and I would go back for sure. There is nothing like sitting outside, in a nice calm place, where you can people watch and still enjoy your meal. There was not a ton of cars either so the pollution index was low. I give it a 7. It is just what you need sometimes.

So Cape May is okay. You can’t party hearty but if you just want to get away, this is the place.

Till then.


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