La Herradura Mexican Pizza & Restaurant

first of all–website in Spanish
second-the menu book is like a ton–there is a large metal face plate on the front–ouch
third-weird man sitting by himself, looking intoxicated, shirt partly unbuttoned
fourth-seemingly happy man next to us who wanted personal attention, hence the lemonade to him and then he just walked away-hmmmmm
fifth-so the green dipping sauce was really hot–firecracker hot
sixth–my meal was decent, i had the mole poblano chicken with what seemed like, all the fixings:a scoop each of guacamole, sour cream, rice(1/2 a cup), refried beans (1/2 a cup), a decent salad and then a few tortillas, which we did not touch
seventh-we ate like mad i think (as i type this report, i just finished eating a tostada salad.)
eight–will we go back, maybe not soon, there are a few other joints to exhaust–even another Mexican place a few doors down.

I would give the place a 5–just being average, though a good average. The plates had so many elements. We got a little of everything, want it or not.

You can never go wrong with Mexican.


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