Ionian Greek Cafe, New Rochelle, NY

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We had a great time at this new Greek find. It was bright with adequate seating, inside and had an outside space. It had a color like sauce with hints of blue.

At first when we walked in, we were kind of ignored by the hostess. After I realized that we were in a sort of negative space, the owner came over and asked us if we wanted to sit. (negative space–between the dine in portion and the to go counter).

Once we saw the menu I decided to try something new. I had eaten Spanakopita -the little triangles with spinach inside. They offered a lasagna looking Spanakopita-spinach and feta pie. It was delicious and I loved it, but after half of it, I wanted a contrasting flavor and texture. I ate some fries and pieces of steak in between to break it up. I ended up taking home the balance. My other half had the steak with fries and pita. His steak had that awesome grilled and smoked flavor. Inside it was full cooked but had like really consistent ground meat-soft and maintaining individual ball shapes.

It went down well with a nice apple Snapple. I cannot say the same for my other half. His house white wine was bitter and dry.

I saved some space for my dessert. I chose the Greek Yogurt, naturally. It had honey, walnuts and cinnamon sugar on top. It was so simple yet so yummy. I conserved and tried to get a good topping with each scoop of yogurt. I am converted. I even told my mom about this simple yet hearty and satisfying dessert. I also bought Chobani Greek yogurt at the store and added the walnuts and the honey. (no cinnamon sugar) I craved it that bad.

I will definitely visit again. We hope to have a pleasant experience again.

I would give the restaurant a 6. I like the simplicity, dinning options, the friendliness of the owner (naturally) and the quick service. Also the meal was reasonable.

Go Greek!


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