Good to Go–Bronx, NY

Good to Go has one of the best lasagna’s I ever tasted.
Who knows if because I was so hungry it tasted so good, or if it was actually really good.
In any case, we will visit again.

We visited on Columbus day 2011. We were famished and I was starting to get a little sick, so flavor was what I was looking for–cheesy but very seasoned. I ordered the Portabello Ravioli. I was a little disappointed that the cheese was not that sharp and the sauce not as seasoned. Given that I could smell a little I needed strong smells. Case in point–today my nose was completely stuffed and dinner was ehh…. I could not even smell the bleach that had been sprayed in my own bathroom.

We sat outside, and at one point I could really smell the exhaust. I guess if they had a backyard that would be the best place to put the outdoor area. 🙂

So my take on Good to Go–I will have to go back to the Lasagna again and also try another dish. The first time I ate the lasasgna, I was getting used to eating on one side of my mouth (dental work) and the second, I could barely smell.

I have to give GOOD TO GO a 5 this time and a rain check to try again.

Just because it is Italian, that does not mean it will be great.


2 thoughts on “Good to Go–Bronx, NY

  1. You should try the lasagna at Ann & Tony’s on Arthur Avenue, although my personal favorite is the carbonara.

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