Southern Hospitality-NY, NY

So I wanted to take my other half out for a date in Manhattan. I wanted bbq but did not want to visit one of the known spots:Brother Jimmy’s, Dallas BBQ and Blue Smoke (which is awesome by the way). So we tried this place that is supposedly associated with Justin Timberlake. Who knows?

After all many celebrities lend their name but this place does not even have that.

In any case we had a BBQ combo at 25$: ribs and chicken, with cole slaw and cornbread on the side. All I could think after I ordered the cornbread was, I really wanted sweet potato fries, which are always great. So guess what I did, I ordered the fries.

So the verdict: The combo was more than enough for the two of us. I can imagine one person ordering it. We basically packed the food into our stomachs. I think the ribs were decent enough–(I had Famous Daves, another place, in Long Island–yummy is all I can say about that- talk about finger licking goodness). Ordering the fries was a great addition as well.

The service was pretty fast and we did not even order appetizers.

The place was a bar in the front with standing room and a back sitting area that served as the restaurant portion, with large screened tvs for your game watching pleasure. (it is not a date place or maybe it is, -not pretentious, simple and not stuffy) I must say that there is limited seating-@30. You can eat at the bar, but then that is about 10 -12 spots extra.

I would give it a 5 overall. It was decent enough and did what we wanted it to do. I think I would possibly visit again.

Until then, if you have a good bbq place not mentioned, let us know. We are always up to try new places.

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