Harlem Tavern–Uptown Beer Garden

Well, the “beer garden” or if you want to say it in German-Biergarten, is okay.

Let me not also forget to mention that it is part of Harlem’s rebirth, in a way. There was mix of people, black, white, regular, upper class, young and old. There was music in the background and also there were sharp looking waiters and waitresses (black outfits and trendy cuts). We even sighted a celeb from Law and Order.

Our table was a little shaky -the tables outside are the French Cafe type, metal with a million holes. Our waiter was attentive however. I cannot remember how long but I was thinking the food took a little longer than normal. While we waited we had drinks-2 mixed drinks and I had a Prosecco. That is always nice. (not sure if that contributed to the long wait feeling.) Also we did not order an appetizer.

We had the classic burger and fries, the fried green tomatoes and arugula flat bread with fries, and the short ribs with mashed potatoes and spinach. The burger was decent, so I heard. My sister had the flat bread and though not an arugula fanatic, she was surprised to see it and to taste it-apparently she liked it. I enjoyed my meal for the most part. I would have liked a stronger sauce for my short ribs and/or a tad bit more salt in the cooking process. It was a tad bit on the drier side but still okay.

So will we visit again, we shall see. Maybe it will be a different atmosphere in the summer. In the summer it may be more wild as the people come out to have their beverages. The place is opened till 2am I think. Also I am guessing that in the summer they take off the cover. I cannot remember passing by in the warmer months.

I give it a 5 for being an average place. Nothing stood out, but it had edible food and decent music. The menu was a little small however. (maybe a good thing actually) There were even fewer vegetable focused ones. That is not a problem for me by for some–they need that variety.

So I am looking out for a great short ribs dish with a luscious but somewhat buttery, seasoned mash potato side. If you know a place, please share. You can also tell me about your last tender meat experience. 🙂

Till then, I raise my glass to good food and good company.
Ciao, Ciao


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