Beautiful food–Veggie Lasagna

I have to say, I have become decent at making lasagna. It takes a “hella long time” to make but in the end, it is amazingly awesome. So I make two versions of my lasagna. I do not currently offer my customer meat lasagna. I have however tasted lasagna as this place called GOOD TO GO in the Bronx and the sausage they use is so amazing. I actually had that dish right after or right before (I had a broken tooth with nerve showing) I had a root canal–so you can imagine how little I could enjoy the meal.

With that said, I also have a mean lasagna. One is with Roasted Eggplant, Red Pepper, Italian Squash and Red Onions.(Not original to me but I give it my love) It is so colorful and so hearty. The second one I did in the past but updated it recently. It was a spinach and mushroom one. So I had essentially three layers. The first was button mushrooms (plain white mushrooms) and sauteed spinach (in fresh garlic and adobo powder) then I did a layer of roasted Spanish Onions. The final layer was of of cremini mushrooms and more sauteed spinach. We thought one night, while eating, that we would want something else as the food might be too light, yeah–that was the fat man speaking. We ate and were so satisfied. That is a rare and great feeling. It was just the right amount of sauce, cheese, spinach, mushrooms and the cooked onions gave a slight sweetness.

So here is a picture.
Vegetable Lasagna

Until next time.
Happy Eating.


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