Shake Shack NYC

So we finally made it to a Shake Shack.

It only took a bunch of crazy circumstances.
1) snowing outside
2) half day from work
2) happened to be in the Times Square Area

As many of you know, there is a location down by 23rd street. In the summer, if you wait on the line, you are dedicated. It is like the line to customs, in lets say, a highly travelled border. There is no getting around it, and there are only so many people who can help you.

So we ate at the one in Times Square. We had to cross a yucky street, with puddles of melting snow at the corners–so ballet moves were called for. From across the street it looked crowded and I for one, do not like waiting in line for food and for burgers at that, which I knew would be expensive. We got in and there was people everywhere. It was like ants in black coats.

We ordered the mushroom burger and cheese burger, with an order of cheese fries.
So I liked my burger but was losing some of my awesome cheese as it was melted and on the wrapped, rather than on my burger. I made like a child and got the fork and tried to salvage my cheese. Of course when I first bit into it, everything slid out and ended up on my face. Yes, that would be the infamous cheese, tomato and the lettuce (for a little tickle.) I did enjoy the burger, but I was also really hungry at that time. (so who really knows) The cheese fries–the fries were good but the cheese looked a little pale–what happened to the famous CHEESE WHIZ? My other half said he would give the place a 3 out of 5 stars. I can agree.
Here is why:
I hate crowds, I hate hype and I hate really expensive food. I can deal with some hype and some warranted expensive food but not all three. I wish I had a backyard or deck so I could become a GRILL MASTER.

Check the place out, and let us know. We still like 5 Guys (2 times), Goodburger, and NY Burger (3/4 times already.)

The meat is on, on the street. (like the song)
Happy Eating!


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