Mo’s NY Grill Restaurant-New Rochelle (No more)

there is nothing like dining on a Tuesday night
3 people in a restaurant that can hold 50 or 60,
dedicated water guy
only other customer was a yuppie from the area

we had a monstrous amount of food
we ordered the steak tips as an appetizer and on the plate it looked so huge
then we had the Tuna with awesome potatoes and giant broccoli
we had some plantains on the side

i had a nice Rose and my other half had a Pinot Noir

The food was yummy enough (for a weird mix of fine and none fine dining)–hunger makes food taste good, also brown food has a funny way of evoking flavor, so I am not sure if the food was good on the night we were there or if we had the BROWN FOOD EFFECT.

I offer an observation: a place that serves tuna and funky fish is also serving plantains–I am not complaining, but what is the theme of the restaurant again? It is like going to Fridays and getting a burger with a side of plantains, even rice and beans. I mean if you want to go Caribbean style with American touch, do that. It just seemed out-of-place there.

Update–I am writing about 5 weeks after we ate. Guess what–they are either doing renovations or closed. Our guess is closed. 😦

The hunt goes on for a place we can frequent.

Share your disappointments with me. Also share your favorite go-to place. Why do you go there?

Until then, thumbs up to restaurants that get it right.


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