Soi 30 Thai on 3rd Ave

Thai salad (lettuce, peanut sauce, onions, radish and the rest I cannot remember)–good though
eggplant, tofu, peppers, and basil–very good, I finished my dish

there is nothing like good food in an understated placed–looking like a red light district kind of joint in some part of Asia (the lights are low at night so it is the glow of wall sconces that allows you to see)

there is also nothing like a good meal and a few friends to have uncontrollable laughter–i mean we were the most energetic group there–we were already making plans to spend new years together–maybe a little much-but we were having a grand old-time

i would definitely revisit

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they had a portion of the menu that was like a mix and match
choose your meat, then your sauces and then you could even get a special rice dish–i like having options–i guess this is what makes places like ELEVEN MADISON PARK popular (the deeper pocketed crowd though)

there is a similar place–Vapiano, on University Place
I had experience with Vapiano on a trip to Maryland.

Give Thai your way a try–
Also-watch out for the hot peppers and red onions–they can make you weak.

Put the following in your browser for more photos and to access the YELP page. There are mixed reviews with good things to be said most of the time.


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