Raceway Jaunts, at Yonkers–TERRACE RESTAURANT

It was a random Friday night jaunt. We ended up at the Yonkers Raceway Casino. We knew there would at least be a place to eat so figured why not. We even checked out the people on the little shuttles. Wow the people you see in your “neighborhood.” I will say no more. Again we said, why not!

We walked through a casino where we saw people tossing money into machines. (My money and I cannot part in this way.) So for finding the food, we walked around in circles to find the entrance to the restaurants. This was kind of an annoyance. When we finally found the restaurant area we chose the more upscale looking one, relatively speaking. (EMPIRE TERRACE RESTAURANT)

The 3 walls were glass, floor to ceiling.

You can see Co-op city in the left distance and the roadway to the right. Without looking on the sides, it is easy to forget where you are. The seating in this big room resembles a university seminar hall–but with carpet and outdated tv screens recessed into the platforms/banisters. I guess it was important for them to not destroy the decor. (requires them to pull out all the wainscoting that hold the tvs) Fast forward to the 21st century- on top of the tables are LCD screens that show the commercials, menus and various races.

We had:
Maryland Crab Cakes–yummy and just good enough for my sore mouth
Babyback Ribs–better get them at Fridays as any place outside of a chain restaurant gives you a child’s portion for an adult bill.

We sat through the races by the way. Wow, the things that get people excited. When we went outside, there was a free seating area. Anyone can sit and watch the races–we mean anyone. We even saw some lost fried chicken wings being devoured by ants–some quality seatin’ and eatin’. We make no judgements.

Next time you want a different experience, try eating at the races.

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