Seaside Johnnies Cafe–Rye NY

view okay–there is a beach infront–if you want ocean views though, it definitely has it
food-okay (lots of fried goodness and ungodliness)

live band-okay (new and old favorites–try not to sing along and date yourself)
being able to see a woman so stuck in the 1980s-priceless–can we say racoon eyes, white claws and puffy thin hair

On a scale of 1-10, I would say 5. Okay, but left much to be desired. I must say that the fries were great though. I could have eaten a bowl, if there were different things to dip it into-like Pomme Frite in NY, NY.

As we waited for our food we read reviews. Well now we know. The area though is nice. I would say, opt for a drink at the Pier Restaurant and just enjoy the waterview in between the restaurant and Rye pier. You can probably eat a home and be more satisfied. My other half asked–how come Wendys can sell a Baked Potato for $1 and you can get the same potato at a “fancy” restaurant? What does that say about the rest of the food? (Just a thought.)

Until then, I still seek a place with some awesome FISH & CHIPS-like I was in an English or Irish pub. Please share if you know of a place.

Happy Eating.

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