Kaffeine Expresso Bar-New Rochelle NY

So we took a walk this past weekend and decided to patronize our local businesses. There was one Latin/Mexican place that we had once eaten in. CLOSED–Flipping CLOSED, on Sunday. I guess some people take their religious Sundays seriously–I am not knocking that.

We ordered first, Yogurt with Strawberries and Granola. Come to find out, they did not have any strawberries. It only took the second employee who had disappeared only minutes before we sat down. Apparently one of the key people called in sick, and then one of the girls had only been there 5 days. Man they were batting 1000 at this point. So then I asked for an Almond Croissant. They asked if I wanted it warmed, but I was just not wanting them to think any more so I told them no. It would have been better warmed. Our Chicken Sandwich with Pesto came. it was pretty good. On top of that I got some orange juice-my other half got a (wait for it) Caramelo: peanut butter, banana, and caramel drink.

They even pushed cupcakes on the website. I like cupcakes–even if I do not eat them much–I always get a warm bubbly feeling.
18 Division Street

For some reason we were so relaxed and just really enjoying the day that nothing really phased us. It was hot like fire outside though, but we held strong.

On a scale of 1-10 I would say a 5. There is much work to do but having a cafe to sit and relax and have a “cafe” is priceless. Lingering is underrated–except for STARBUCKS. We will definitely try to go back again. We also found a Patisserie around the corner-new as well. That place has more character. When we visit, we will let you know.

I raise my glass to small cafes.


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