PETE’S TAVERN IN MURRAY HILL–boy were we wrong ;(

On our Tuesday out night (early May) we planned to go to a place called Bar Jamon. We were out for Tapas. We parked next to a steak and chops restaurant. Then we walked to Bar Jamon. When we got there it was the after work, still in my work clothes, meeting friends for a drink kind of place. There is tapas but you could stand with your back to a wall to eat it. It was crowded and I knew that we would get lost in that and well, maybe next time.

So we walked around the corner and went to a place called Ponty. A woman who lived next to Bar Jamon chimmed in and said it was a good, reasonable place to eat. We decided to go check. Well we stood for a few minutes checking the menu out, and out comes Ponty himself to chat up the locals. He is from Senegal and is cooking French food. All I saw was poulet and magre and seafood. I wanted to just eat food that was not complicated or sounded complicated. Ponty tried to convince us to come in but maybe next time. So we walked back to where we had parked and tried the steak and chops place-Pete’s Tavern. So it apparently was the oldest continual restaurant in NYC. 1864 I think.

The outside had some regular tables (if my memory serves me right) and then some tables covered with checkered squares. So at this point we could not tell if the place was an upscale joint, a “picnickery,” or your average restaurant. We get in and are led through the bar-old as anything, but then we hit a back room, reminscent of a mob scene, dark everything and that black and white checkered flooring they sometimes have in bathrooms–home and commerial. We sat by the window and proceeded to order. Since I really did not want any steak I ordered stuffed mushroom caps. My other half order a plain drab looking large ass piece of steak. I ate all of mine with some of the salad from the steak meal and I tried the steak. All I thought about was–oh I could so make a good stock with this bone. My significant other took the meat off the bone and when he was done asked the waiter to wrap it up. I knew the waiter would throw away the bone as it was obviously not needed. I was a little disappointed as he indeed threw away the bone. 😦

So the steak was okay and my dinner was good. We could not even do desserts or rather we just could not fathom a good dessert coming after the weird looking steak.

So we told a few people were we had gone and they asked us if we ate the burgers. Of course we did not. It came to be that Pete’s Tavern was known for its steaks and burgers–a different cut of steaks and we also did not have the burger. I knew we did not have the real deal. If the pictures of the celebrities on the walls were a clue-we totally looked passed that.

Anyway, so you live and learn.
Ciao and happy eating.


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